Tuesday, July 27, 2010

playing farm

This week I get a farm vacation! I'm house sitting for my friend Mary Beth. Her and her husband Jason, their two little munchkins, Caleb and Kathryn, have a beautiful house with chickens, a garden and two great big labs, Hank and Maggie. Every night I go and gather eggs and then go pick my dinner from the garden!

A few things a city girl like me did not know:

1) Vegetables have WORMS and BUGS on them! Fresh corn taste so wonderful, but not when there's little worms all over the tops. eeeeeeeEEEKKKKKKKKSSSSSS. All I have to say is gardening gloves are the best invention ever.

2) Dogs must be the friendliest creatures ever. It's great being greeted everyday by Hank and Maggie who act like they love me tons and tons even though they just met me. The chickens act like they love me too, but I know its all an act.

3) Chickens are not potty trained, they poop everywhere, including on their eggs. Almost made me stop wanting to eat eggs.

Chickens can be freakin mean too. All of Mary Beth's hens are very nice except for Big Momma Chicken. I never thought I would be afraid of a chicken, but I am. If you met Big Momma Chicken you would understand. Big Momma could be confronted by a flesh-eating-wolverine and still would not get off her eggs. I have never been so against being a vegetarian as I am now. She truly deserves the stew pot.

Staying at Mary Beth's is such a wonderful vacation from my house and Harrisonburg. I get to pretend I have all this wonderful land and animals for a week and then go home without actually doing all the work! I feel very safe too since Mary Beth's sister, grandpa and parents live within sight of the house. Her Grandpa even came by and gave me some vegetables from his garden! I'm going to miss all this country goodness when I go back home to the city!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

do it.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I'm doing it.