Monday, March 30, 2009

garden bug

Turns out we're not the only ones with the gardening bug. Girls House, White House, whats the difference really? We haven't planted anything yet, but we're digging and digging and digging...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

it worked!

1) I made Greek yogurt and it Worked!

Me: I really love Greek yogurt...
Natanya: You should make it
Me: is it hard?
Natanya: My mom has 8 kids and she makes yogurt all the time, it can't that hard.
Me: in that case....

It is really easy, I used this website:
Bean Sprouts: How to make greek yogurt

2) Janoodle definitely loves avocados more than I do.
This is her food shelf:

No judgement, I'm just reporting the facts.

Natanya and Jesse are ENGAGED!!!!

WHOOHOO! Natanya LOVES being engaged but reports that having a huge diamond on your hand can make it very hard to study Russian.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

you smell like....

Men wear what they think will smell good to women and women wear what they think will smell good to men, right? Or do we all wear what smells good to us and hope for the best? If a guy smelled like a girl and a girl smelled like a guy would we think it smelled good? Do we like what we're used to smelling on ourselves or do we like to smell something different?

We have some AXE Snake Peel body wash in our shower and I'm wondering if I smelled like that all the time would guys think I smelled good or would girls? Would men like it if women smelled like them? I mean it doesn't smell bad, its earthy and clean smelling, but will guys think I smell good or will girls? Why do we like to smell what we smell on who we smell it and would we like to smell it as much if it smelled like that on someone else?

Smell is such a weird word.

Friday, March 6, 2009

17 hours of solid daydreaming

Tomorrow 6 of us will get in Grandpa Buick and start driving 17 hours to Seagrove, FL. Pit-stops to drop off Mowgli and pick up Kristen, then 11 hours to Atlanta where we pick up Kristen's sister. The next morning its on to FLORIDA. Ahhhh, Sun, Beach, OCEAN.

I can't wait for the car ride. With 6 girls in one car for 11 hours, it can't help but be interesting. One of my favorite things is riding in a car and watching the scenery go by; you get the best daydreaming ever. As long as no one is grumpy and you don't get too carried away and miss your exit; I think car rides are right up there with a nice hot bath.

The best part is we rented a cottage; so we'll have a whole new Girls House in Florida. Its going to fly by, hopefully we'll get to do at least a little bit of everything planned.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where's Waldo?

I will always remember this past weekend. You wouldn't think Saturday night and puzzle would go in the same sentence unless you're 90 years old, obviously haven't been to our house.

Thanks to the Puzzle Nazi we were up until 5:30AM. I'm not sure if that means we're really good at puzzles or amazingly bad. Seriously, I probably won't be touching a puzzle for a long time. Unless we find one at the beach.

Puzzles at the beach, now there's a good time. Truly, anything at the beach is a good time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Queen of the castle no more

Mowgli has been dethroned.