Saturday, March 21, 2009

you smell like....

Men wear what they think will smell good to women and women wear what they think will smell good to men, right? Or do we all wear what smells good to us and hope for the best? If a guy smelled like a girl and a girl smelled like a guy would we think it smelled good? Do we like what we're used to smelling on ourselves or do we like to smell something different?

We have some AXE Snake Peel body wash in our shower and I'm wondering if I smelled like that all the time would guys think I smelled good or would girls? Would men like it if women smelled like them? I mean it doesn't smell bad, its earthy and clean smelling, but will guys think I smell good or will girls? Why do we like to smell what we smell on who we smell it and would we like to smell it as much if it smelled like that on someone else?

Smell is such a weird word.


Jeann├ęsy Daisy said...

Well, I liked the way you smelt when you used it!!! But, ya know!