Monday, April 11, 2011


Today I gave blood! And not just to anyone, but someone actually in surgery at the time. A few weeks ago I signed up to be a blood donor. They don't take your blood right away and store it. Instead if you are cross-matched with a patient, they notify you if and when they need it.

The patient I gave blood for had a large facial tumor and they had started to need blood during the surgery. The operating room notified the lab, who then called me to see if I was available, and within the next few minutes I was lying in a bed next to the ICU ready to get my blood sucked out. Maggie, the phlebotomist, or vampire as she calls herself, stuck a giant needle in my arm and sat holding the bag while the blood drained into it. A little more informal than a usual blood bank.

My favorite part was that afterwards I got free Coke and Oreos. The only thing better would have been if they were fried Oreos, I miss those.