Saturday, May 30, 2009


Annie's visit to Harrisonburg:

  • Dave's
  • riding bikes
  • sitting on the porch
  • ShitTaco
  • The Magik Maker
  • Matt's ridiculous wrong number
  • sleeping on the porch
  • Taco Truck

Just read Annie's blog post about says it much better.

P.S. Annie, google "Taco Truck Harrisonburg"....your blog post is the listing!

harrisonburg sunsets

Harrisonburg has some of the best sunsets.

On another note; interesting reading:

  • Fear and Loathing in Prison - The lives of inmates in Pocohantus State Prison. The link is to one of the posts describing what it feels like to be in prison. Pretty interesting.

  • Gu.e - good writing, good reading.


I told LittleNeighborBrian that we were all moving away. He said "what?!! why?"; I told him it was because we were all done with school.

I asked him what he had been learning in school; he said, "progress" and I ask him what that meant. He said "You're all done with school and you don't know what progress means? Sounds like you didn't learn nothing".

Brian wasn't too upset we were all leaving when I told him the girl who owned the Playstation would still be here.

stencil art

I keep seeing stencil graffiti in Harrisonburg; maybe they used to live in Knoxville. I was mowing the lawn and found one right outside our house.

Turned out it was our neighbor Derek and Sinnabun...

I'm not endorsing, I'm just saying

Do you ever have trouble waking up and getting pumped to go to work?

I just found the solution....Flo Rida R.O.O.T.S. album.

I'm not kidding, it works.

who am I going to be entertained by?

You guys are ridiculous and I am going to miss you!

Mind you, they went to I.H.O.P. looking like this. The best thing was, no one thought Janoodle was dressed any different than normal.

make something cool everyday

Make Something Cool Everyday 2009

From LaserBread in the "Make Something Cool Everyday" pool on Flickr.

rave season

Spring is Rave Season:

Rave #1: Zombie party; not so awesome but ScoundrelMatt was the DJ (come on matt, I don't really think you're a scoundrel, I just say that to differentiate between all the other matts in the world) which was awesome.

Rave #2: T-Home Annual Rave; different than last year but some things were the same. Couches in the yard, ravers, glowsticks, and the POlice.

just enjoy the show

I realized I never updated on what happened in Seaside.
So in a nutshell our trip consisted of:

  • Hours and hours crammed in the Buick
  • Hours of entertainment from Lydia's dreadlocking adventures
  • Chadwick and Ashley's apartment and Psycho-Samson-Attack-Cat
  • alligators in Alabama
  • Janoodle's slight obsession with Piggly-Wigglies and small towns in Alabama named Eufaula
  • Seaside; beautiful cottage with bunk-beds in the hall
  • Ocean kayaking!
  • Surrogate grandparents galore
  • is anyone NOT sunburned?
  • 2 bikes for 6 girls = 4 girls on 2 bikes = PAIN
  • Shopping in Seaside; meeting our man-drama-laiden-Next Door Neighbor-who-works-at-the-juice-bar-and-gets-to-shower-outside-year-round.
  • Live music from Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes and hanging out band/playing Partner-Tag
  • House dinners on the deck
  • Sunsets/sunrises
  • Dolphins
  • Shells and sharktooth and sandcastles/coldtubs (do you know who our 5th president was?)
  • Charades on the beach and Lydia's made-up Book Game
  • Seaside food; bracelets; key-lime pie! and goodbye beach...
  • Hello massively long drive home
  • More of Janoodles obsession with Piggly-Wiggly and Eufaula
  • Natanya's friends in Charlotte
  • Kristen's home and one amazing and well needed home-cooked dinner from her parents
  • Our Anthem: Lenka "The Show"
P.S. Not all the photos are ones I took; the good ones are from Ashley Brammer :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

chimneys, all natural

Somewhere I haven't been before; Natural Chimney park. The drive is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth it. There is also a great trail which takes you to the top of the chimneys. Of course you aren't supposed to climb on them, but not much is stopping you either. The park is a little run down; but the chimneys are still beautiful. I wonder what it would be like to be hiking along in the wilderness and just come across something like that?

The only other thing I can't figure out; why isn't it "chimnies" when it's plural?