Saturday, May 30, 2009

just enjoy the show

I realized I never updated on what happened in Seaside.
So in a nutshell our trip consisted of:

  • Hours and hours crammed in the Buick
  • Hours of entertainment from Lydia's dreadlocking adventures
  • Chadwick and Ashley's apartment and Psycho-Samson-Attack-Cat
  • alligators in Alabama
  • Janoodle's slight obsession with Piggly-Wigglies and small towns in Alabama named Eufaula
  • Seaside; beautiful cottage with bunk-beds in the hall
  • Ocean kayaking!
  • Surrogate grandparents galore
  • is anyone NOT sunburned?
  • 2 bikes for 6 girls = 4 girls on 2 bikes = PAIN
  • Shopping in Seaside; meeting our man-drama-laiden-Next Door Neighbor-who-works-at-the-juice-bar-and-gets-to-shower-outside-year-round.
  • Live music from Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes and hanging out band/playing Partner-Tag
  • House dinners on the deck
  • Sunsets/sunrises
  • Dolphins
  • Shells and sharktooth and sandcastles/coldtubs (do you know who our 5th president was?)
  • Charades on the beach and Lydia's made-up Book Game
  • Seaside food; bracelets; key-lime pie! and goodbye beach...
  • Hello massively long drive home
  • More of Janoodles obsession with Piggly-Wiggly and Eufaula
  • Natanya's friends in Charlotte
  • Kristen's home and one amazing and well needed home-cooked dinner from her parents
  • Our Anthem: Lenka "The Show"
P.S. Not all the photos are ones I took; the good ones are from Ashley Brammer :)