Sunday, March 22, 2009

it worked!

1) I made Greek yogurt and it Worked!

Me: I really love Greek yogurt...
Natanya: You should make it
Me: is it hard?
Natanya: My mom has 8 kids and she makes yogurt all the time, it can't that hard.
Me: in that case....

It is really easy, I used this website:
Bean Sprouts: How to make greek yogurt

2) Janoodle definitely loves avocados more than I do.
This is her food shelf:

No judgement, I'm just reporting the facts.

Natanya and Jesse are ENGAGED!!!!

WHOOHOO! Natanya LOVES being engaged but reports that having a huge diamond on your hand can make it very hard to study Russian.


Jeann├ęsy Daisy said...

1. That's way too cool that it worked!!! Now you can have it all the time without all the expenses!!

2. Ah-ha!! So that's what you were doing when I caught you admiring my avocados. Not only were you admiring them, but you were also taking photos!!

3. HOORAH!!! Marriage for Natanya!

Hope said...

I am SO trying this. We used to make yogurt all the time when I was little (we had a yogurt maker), but it was just normal american yogurt without that wonderful greek consistency. Now that I know the secret, I'm totally going to start making it again. Oh, and the website you linked to had some great info on chickens, which my roommate is trying to convince me we need.

Annie said...

1. yum.
2. yum.
3. yougogirl!