Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I think I need to cut back on my WOOT time

I was on WOOT again, and I found this shirt as one of the derby options to vote for. I almost laughed out loud in the library.

Therefore I:

a) want one;

b) will wear it with pride;

c) need to start dumpster diving again. I miss having more bags of salad than I know what to do with.


Lauren said...

you clearly aren't doing your work missy.

Annie said...

Alright. 2007-2008 divers need to get this shirt. PRONTO!

This means:
Possibly Matt and Zach although they wussied out early on.

At the very least we should make flags and put them on our bikes. Thoughts?

Liberty Jennifer said...

what is this woot that you speak of?

Jess said...


they post a different shirt everyday at midnight for 10$. Its only 10$ for that day or until its sold out, usually its sold out quick if its a good one.