Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chattanooga Weekend

"So where is this house you all come from, where everyone is beautiful and talented?" -Morgan

Okay, KB has the best sister ever. She managed to get us all together for an amazing weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was a weekend of surprises, new experiences, old friends and beautiful landscapes. We surprised KB and Annie surprised us all by driving up from Atlanta on her weekend off from touring with Invisible Children.

We arrived in Chattanooga around 1am in the morning. I knew Annie was coming but it was a surprise for everyone else, so I had told Annie to meet us at a grocery store parking lot. When we pulled into the parking lot we saw a man in a nice Lexus waving us down. Since I've watched way too much Law and Order; I figured we were about to get gunned down by this drug dealer/pimp so I peeled out of the parking lot. Turns out it was KB's really nice cousin who had come to lead us to the cottage. Embarrassing.

Ashley had planned for all of us to go to Raccoon Mountain Caverns for a 6 hour Wild Cave Expedition. We got to wear headlamps and kneepads and crawl through tunnels called dubious names like "the birth canal" and the "teeth scraper". I never knew human bodies could fit through holes so small. We came out caked in mud and completely amazed by what is under the earth.

Chattanooga is a beautiful city with an amazing art district. The sidewalks even have dance steps printed on them!

Walking around Chattanooga we found a beautiful walking bridge, a giant hill to sled down on old cardboard boxes and awesome crafts for sale, most of which you can buy on Etsy. One of the crafters was Reuse First, sellers on Etsy.com who make beautiful things out of things people usually throw away. I loved their etched jars and wood grain books which they silk screen using old house paint! I think I'm in love. We also went to an amazing dessert house, Rembrant's Coffee House; magical is all I can think of to describe all the desserts and pastries they have. I got Tiramisu and a pumpkin truffle. Amazing!

Such a good weekend. It was amazing to have us all in one place and it made me realize how magical and epic great friendships can be.