Sunday, September 16, 2012

Screening day and a blast from the past

On screening day in Conakry, Guinea the crowds seemed to go on and on. 

My job was the Infant Feeding station and see any babies that the surgeons thought might be too small for surgery.

This little girl only weighs a little over 2 kilograms.
Suilaman when he came to the infant feeding program.
After a couple of months he was fat, happy and had his lip fixed. 
The best part of screening day was when I spotted this mom and baby. Suilaman was one of the first babies I had in the Infant feeding program in Sierra Leone over a year and a half ago and was significantly malnourished. His mom was one of my favorite people in Sierra Leone and always took really good care of him and did everything I told her. He fattened up quickly and got surgery for his cleft lip but he still needed his cleft palate fixed when he was a year old. I was hoping she would show up on screening day and late in the day I spotted her! It made such a difference for me to be able to see Suilaman over a year old, fat and happy.