Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweatpants; Fall Colors; Brothers; Football; What more could you ask for? (well , maybe not football)

This past weekend started when I bought the Best Pair of Sweatpants Ever at a local thrift store. They were so good that Natanya and I decided to let ourselves go and dress like bums for the rest of the weekend. Or at least I did; I wore them for 4 days straight. It was phenomenal.

Here is a picture of when we actually decided to leave the house. I am not putting a picture of me up because the Best Pair of Sweatpants Ever are not attractive. Shocking right?

Brothers; Football:
I finally went to visit Matthew at Liberty U. The fall colors on the way there and back were beautiful.

The weather was horrible at first but it ended up becoming very, very sunny. Liberty also ended up creaming the other team, whoever they were.

We then met up with some of Matt's roommates and then we all squinted and banged our thundersticks together.

It turns out that thundersticks are very, very important at football games. They save you from looking like you don't know what is going on since you just bang your thundersticks when everybody else does. Its like lemmings off a cliff; college football style.


Lauren said...

hahahahaha that's hilarious! definitely sounds like something i need at a football game...

Mattchoochoo said...

oh my gosh! you called me "matt" when has anyone in our family ever called me matt?

Mattchoochoo said...

looking at those pictures i just realized we look nothing alike, somewhere down in our family tree one of our relatives must of been Inuit Royalty