Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Is The New Halloween

Come to think of it the weekend actually started with Halloween which we decided to skip and celebrate Christmas instead.
We figured Halloween and Thanksgiving are rather dull holidays anyway and so why not get things started early?

MJ wanted to dress up as a JMU Girl but we convinced her to wear clothes.

We tried our best to spread holiday cheer everywhere we went. The bus we ended up riding seemed like it held enough people to populate an entire country. A very small, loud, smelly and inebriated country.

The rarest sight of the night ended up being LoBo Riding A Bike. She didn't seem to enjoy it much but Janoodle and I did.


Curly J said...

Hahaha! I love every bit of it.
Have you ever noticed that LoBo (in the bottom picture) looks like a tiny elf delivering Christmas Toys the eco-friendly way.
That night was pretty much the coolest! One to go down in history, just like Christmas!
The first picture is my favorite! Christmas riot between J&J and LoBo trying to eat a candy cane. Way too cool!

Liberty Jennifer said...

Post more!!! Entertain my patheticly-bored self...... :)