Friday, November 28, 2008

I guess I would hallucinate tootsie rolls too

Thanksgiving: movies, key lime pie, apple cider, Chinese buffets and Mom getting a Gmail account. Family, food, food, more food and Mom trying to get the mouse to work. What more could you want for Thanksgiving?

P.S. the Red Panda Buffet has sushi! All you can eat sushi. Now true, its not great sushi but its all you can eat.

Have you noticed nobody really talks to each other at buffets? Its more of a "Wow, this is really good"; "I'm going to get more of this"; "Aww, its all gone, are they going to put more out?"; "Oh, this is not so good, don't get that"; "Hey, where did you get that?"; "I'm so full, I'll just eat this last thing"; "Where is the dessert?".

The whole meal you are either getting up to get more food, thinking about what you are going to get next, deciding if what you are eating is good enough to get again, worrying if it'll be gone before you get up again or trying to figure out how to get the most food in the least trips. Basically there's not much room to think about the people you're eating with. Its really all about you and the food.


Liberty Jennifer said...

yummmm. I do love me some Chinese food. Hope your paper-writing is going well!