Monday, January 4, 2010

21-Day Vegan Challenge

Yup, I might be crazy, but I'm going to be a Vegan for 21 days. Mary Beth inspired me and since I always think Vegans are ridiculous, I figured I should at least try it.

The official program is called the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart and is sponsored by the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. So basically it's very responsible and professional, not some quack telling us to eat Edamame for a month. They have meal plans and information on how to do vegan right.

Even though I'm a dietitian, I really have no idea how to eat not to animal products and yet get enough protein, calcium, B12 and vitamin D. So really this is a very valuable experience. I also want to see if veganism is cheaper. Meat and dairy products are expensive but so are fruits and vegetables. So it will be interesting to see how much money I spend on food.

I already had to go to the Grocery this week (without cheese I literally had nothing to eat) and spent $10.52. Right now I'm cooking the 3 pounds of dried red beans, chickpeas and pinto beans I bought. Needless to say I'm learning how to cook beans. Surprisingly, fresh-cooked-from-dried beans taste a lot better than canned beans. Who knew?


Liberty Jennifer said...

I thought legumes were part of the vegetable family? How do the vegans get off calling them a food group all by themselves?? How about making candy a food group? I would like that...

Jeann├ęsy Daisy said...

Wwwhhhoooaaa! I leave you for a whole month, and you turn vegan! Watch out!

I think it's a good idea for you, and a wonderful challenge as a dietician to explore and learn about new means of eating that you wouldn't have considered.

However, you, without cheese....hmmm...that I find hard to believe :)