Monday, February 8, 2010

snow love

I have discovered a new found love for snow. We've gotten 3 snowfalls this winter and we got over 20 inches this weekend. Far from being sick of it I now think it's one of the most beautiful weather phenomenons. It truly makes everything look magical!

Fortunately when 8 girls, 1 Tim and a Mowgli are snowed in together fun things happen. First, we put on our bathing suits and made snow angels in the snow, the only proper way to christen a blizzard. Then we sledded our brains out, getting multiple injuries and burning hundreds of calories so we could entertain the bartenders at Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint by eating masses of deep fried oreos at the bar. I think Jack Brown's is my new favorite place, not to mention its always open when it snows (they have Belgium beer Janoodles!)

We're supposed to get 10 more inches of snow tomorrow and more this weekend. I'm excited.


Jeann├ęsy Daisy said...

AWWW I love it :)

I am achin' to get to Jack Brow'n Beer and Burger Joint!!! :)

I love snow days with the girls. I miss you ladies!! I'm glad you all are making the most of it. I feel like snow days are so much more enjoyable at the Girls' House because of all the warmth, love, and enjoyment there!! :)

Ahhh, i wub u!!!