Saturday, February 27, 2010

worth the effort

I'm so excited, I made croissants this weekend and they turned out just like they're supposed to, flaky, buttery and fattening.

It's a rather long process, you make regular bread dough, put about a pound o'butter in the middle, fold the dough around it, roll it out, fold it again and stick it in the fridge to chill. You then do the roll-and-fold-and-chill process two more times before chilling the dough overnight. The next morning I rolled it out as thin as I could get it and cut long triangles that I then rolled into croissants. I was really skeptical that they would turn into just blobs of greasy bread, but they are amazingly crispy and flaky; exactly how croissants should be!

I used a tutorial on Wiki-How:


Hope said...

Looks like someone is trying to cram 20 days worth of animal products into one delicious butter extravaganza;-) I'm super impressed. I've never been brave enough to make croissants.

Liberty Jennifer said...

yumz! is that your croissants in the photo?? They look GOOD