Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catchup from 2008 (Chickens, (-)Heat, and Kung Fu Salsa Xmas Party)

The Cornerstone House had an International Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. Janoodle and I got dressed up in our Christmas Finest.Lisa and MJ however had a different reaction when they saw us. When we got to the party Eileen from the Pink House greeted us with the comment "Nothing about this is SAFE". Janoodle and MJ got right with the spirit of things and started testing out the gymnastic rings hanging from the trees.
We then tried to convince Bread Brian not to kill his non-egg-laying chicken, Sarah Palin.

After failing miserably we checked out Bread Brian's solution to not having heat in his house. Definitely make a Man Cave in your room if you don't have heat.
We then ended the night with learning how to do Kung Fu Salsa Dancing. Painful, but fun.


Annie said...

That picture of Bryan and MJ is PRICELESS!! looks like a lot of fun.

Jeann├ęsy Daisy said...

Hahahhahaaha: Kung Fu Salsa dancing.
How true!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!
You know, I'm glad we mustered up our non-existent energy to go to this party! We all had a lot of fun! Hahaha. Too funny! I'm glad you posted about this!

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