Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catchup From 2008 (Graduation...DONE!)

I've never been a big fan of graduations but this one was amazing. Perfect in fact. My family, the Longs', Kristin and Luke, Kristen, MJ, Katie, and Annie all came to watch Julia and I graduate. They made signs and yelled so loud the Dean got a little startled and told me I had quite a cheering section. Since it was a master's degree I got to be hooded and I made sure not to bend over when they were placing the hood (bend at the knees, bend at the knees). I got to see Julia, and neighbors Kevin, Carolyn and Scott all graduate too. It was phenomenal and so wonderful to have good friends there to celebrate with. When Julia and I got back to the house we saw that Annie and MJ had stayed up till 5am the night before decorating! Streamers and balloons with pictures of hairy bearded men were everywhere.

We all went to Dave's and then Klines to celebrate. Which is the perfect way to celebrate anything. It was perfect; the perfect celebration for being DONE!


Jeann├ęsy Daisy said...

Congratulations!!!!! Check you out, Miss Graduate!!! What a fun way to celebrate: good friends, extremely loud cheering, hairy bearded men, and food.

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