Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Oh sledding, I hope I'm never too old. We went across the street and since they demolished the baseball diamond we now have the perfect steep, fast and treacherous, sledding hill. Needless to say there are going to be some sore bums tomorrow. We even met a guy who lives in a house-with-the-number-pi who let us borrow his awesome toboggan for a bit.

Lisa, showing off her Princess gloves:Lauren and Kristen, getting ready to beat the rest of us:Me and Jeanne, getting ready to almost kill everyone by going the wrong way:
Lisa, getting ready to almost be killed by me and Janoodle's crazy sled driving:
Lauren and Kristen's victory march:
And Lisa showed Kristen and me a little bit of snowboarding skills. Hopefully snowboarding will be easier if we try it on real snowboards. Hopefully I will remember my warm, happy sledding thoughts now when the bruises set in tomorrow.


Annie said...

jess! such a good sledding spot!