Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catchup From 2008 (Its Finally Finished!)

I Finally got the sweater finished right before Christmas. It ended up working out well, not being too big or too small and no major disasters happened before I sent it. I couldn't stop taking pictures of it once I was done; it was like it was my child. Guess where the people live who ordered it? Hawaii. I'm not kidding, how crazy is that? I think its a sign.
The woman who ordered it gave it to her grandfather who just had his 70th wedding aniversery. The reason he wanted a wool sweater in Hawaii? To sit by the ocean and mend his fishing nets of course. She even sent me a photo of him in the sweater. Its hilarious; I think I'm going to frame it.


Annie said...

JESS!!!! That man is adorable. And the sweater looks incredible. You are talented, my friend!

Hope said...

How appropriate that your sweater went to a little old native Hawaiian. I think you deserve some kind of Crunchy Hippie award :-)

Jeann├ęsy Daisy said...

AHHH!!!! Your sweater is absolutely amazing! In other words, you are amazing!!! Wow! You must be so happy! I totally thing you should frame it! Ahh!!! And, hmm, Hawaii.....interesting =P

I'm so proud of you and your sweater knitting skills. It's amazing!!

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kalaloa said...

That's my Grand-dad!!! He passed away last year and I was looking for a picture of a fishing net to put on his headstone and this picture popped up on google. Thank you. It was fun for me to see. I miss him.